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Professional Drummer-Producer-Engineer-Music Projects Co ordinator-Computer Tech-Consultant 

Biglittle Recording

Andy Peake studied music. He studied it in college and he studied it sitting behind the many other musicians that he had worked with as a drummer and percussionist. Eventually he realized that he had been paying attention, not only to the drum parts he played but also the music that was being formed in front of and around him. In 1997, after working with scores of mediocre "producers" and a few great ones, Andy decided to take the plunge into recording engineering and production. His first project, distributed only to friends and a few interested listeners resulted in 2 of the songs being re-cut by other artists. the Bel Airs blues band and John Cowan of New Grass Revival and now a member of the Doobie Brothers. Those successes lead to multiple local and regional productions with various artists, the most recent being CD releases by his own band project, Big Shoes. The home studio phenomena has seen dramatic improvements in quality and production options over the last 20 years and Biglittle Recording is a prime example of what can be accomplished with an experienced engineer/producer with a great set of ears. Andy's most recent album, "Step On It!" has received oustanding reviews citing sound quality and album concept as two of the contributing factors. Saving on overhead, Andy is able to create commercially competitive products at a fraction of the price of the Nashville Music Row money pits.

The studio features the options-rich Behringer X-32 console/interface plus various outboard boutique microphone preamps, quality mics, including, Neumann, AKG, Audio Technica, MXL, Avantone and more, Cubase Pro, Reason, and the workhourse Alesis HD-24 hard disk recorder. Biglittle recording gets enough bang for the buck to be competitive with studios featuring many times the investment of Biglittle.